Monday, February 25, 2013

Jukebox Show Reviews

" The Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show is a unique dance production, so much so that you're guaranteed never to see the same show twice. How so? Nine lucky punters are given a special jukebox token which allows them to choose from a menu of 20 dance numbers. Their choices dictate the programme for the evening's show.

The menu offers a diverse collection of dance styles ranging from grunge and pop contemporary to chair jazz, go-go and the French Cancan. Aside from You Tube when do you ever get to see such a variety of dance performances? At times I felt like I could have been at the Moulin Rouge in Paris and by the end of the show I felt as if I'd attended a lesson in dance history, albeit a very entertaining one.

Some of the numbers were definitely more to my taste then others, but I guess that's the beauty of the show. I particularly enjoyed the 1920s Broadway Charleston 'Hot Honey Rag' and the pinup number. The Cloclo medley (French disco) was a favourite among the audience and performers alike.

It obviously requires talent and great organisation to have such a range of routines ready to go at the drop of a hat, or a coin as the case may be. Pineapple Productions show director Julie Anterrieu and producer Geraldine Clermont must be a little bit nuts to attempt such a show. The quick costume changes and turn around times between songs was a hard ask and the performers did really well.

Hosted by MC Phlossy Roxx, who didn't quite have the sparkle to match her outfit, the Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show is a novel concept. It is a show which delivers intrigue, variety, audience participation and some seriously hard work on the part of the dancers. As exciting as it was not knowing what was coming next, I left feeling a bit disappointed that no one had picked either of the cancans. However, for a mere $10 (and a flash of your ticket), I'm very tempted to go again tonight to see if I get lucky this time.
"  Lara Thomas, Concrete Playground

"I went to this show on Friday the 22nd of Feb and I thought it was incredible. It was exceptionally well produced, everything ran very smoothly it was obvious to me that the level of organisation was very high and to be respected as I don't often see shows of this nature run this well. So even before the dancers appeared on stage I was impressed!! Once the dances were chosen (9 out of a whopping 20 that Julie Anterrieu created, wow) and the girls got to perform them I was so taken with how polished, creative, artistic and beautiful they were, so much to be appreciated with the girls having no idea how many choreography's they may have to perform that night if any at all, for those I saw multiple times I was in awe of how they looked so in control and happy to be performing on stage.

This show inspired my creativity and has made me want to dance again, I loved it and respect the work ethic this team have put in to create such a fabulous show that you could watch again and again and never be bored of.

Well done to you all, you are amazing. Many more opportunities to come from your hard work and fantastic dance skills I'm sure!" Deryn, Hoop Instructor

"Congratulations for the dancers, the choregraphern the producer....... Very refreshing, talentuous, original show, with very good interaction with the public. The dancers are amazing. Congrats also to the photograph, very nice pictures" Nikko

"Thank you Pineapple Productions for the amazing basket of goodies in the raffle. The show was a blast! I dance so I will have to use the dance class vouchers etc." Rosalind

"This shows off an easy feel for the choreographic style, some pretty technique and an overt pleasure in performing, hallmarks which continue to be exhibited by all ten dancers throughout the medley of dance styles. Highlights include two truly genuinely authentic French styled numbers -- a 1960s go-go trio, Gogo-YeYe, to music by April March, and the disco dance Cloclo Medley, with 6 dancers performing to a mashup of four French pop songs by Claude Francois. Julie Anterrieu shines as a performer in both of these." Theatreview

"Beautiful ladies and beautiful performances! Excellent night!" Alex

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guest Artists - Amira Brock

Meet our third guest, the talended flamenco dancer Amira Brock who will be accompanied on Friday night by the palmista Lauren Turner.

Amira started her Flamenco training with Luis Ramon from Madrid. After settling in New Zealand, Luis was her teacher and her mentor.
She has attended many workshops with acclaimed Flamenco artists including Maria Bermudez, Jonatan Miro, Belen Fernandez, Yolanda Gonzalez, Soledad Barrio, David Moran, among others.
Amira has performed in many settings. Performance highlights include dancing with singer Jose Yelamo from Cadiz, and singer Cristina Lopez and guitarist Paul Bosauder from Barcelona.
She regularly directs and choreographs theatre performances for her students. She has organised and taken part in fundraising for World Vision, Amnesty International and Earthquake relief for Japan.
Amira is currently performing monthly as a member of “Cuadro Flamenco” and teaches regular weekly classes in Auckland.

Amira and Lauren will be performing as part of the Jukebox Dance Show on Friday 22nd, so don't forget to book your tickets!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Join us in Auckland CBD to get free tickets to the show!

The Pineapple team will be out of the dance studio for few hours this week to giveaway free tickets to the show along with other Fringe artists. Check this out:
  • Fri 15 Feb - 5:30pm - 7pm - Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes vs Fringe - Aotea square
We will be performing on Aotea square around 5.45 - 6pm. Your first chance to get a free ticket!
  • Sat 16 Feb - 12:00pm - 4pm : Fringe in the Park - Myers Park 
We will be on stage at 12.10pm! Your second and last chance to get a free ticket! You can then hang out with us after the performance next to our big Jukebox sign until 4pm.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Artists - Candice - Phoenix Belly Dance

It is time to meet our second guest artist, Candice who will perform one of her amazing Belly Dance solo on Thursday 21st.

Candice Frankland, Director of Phoenix Belly Dance, the award-winning entertainment company and dance troupe, loves sharing the art of Middle Eastern Dance! She choreographs works that fuse contemporary concepts with the traditional roots of belly dance to create fresh and funky entertainment with surprises at every turn. The Phoenix Group are the winners of the Jambalaya Festival Dance Competition, guest artists at the Sydney Latin Festival, Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park, and more! In Nov 2012 Phoenix Belly Dance also won Best Nationwide Entertainment Company at the Corporate Events People’s Choice Awards! Candice’s hard-working team is made up of women of various backgrounds who aim to promote the rich cultural experience and elegance of Middle Eastern dance through lessons and performances, and most of all to have fun!

Candice will be performing as part of the Jukebox Dance Show on Thursday 21st February. Make sure to book your tickets!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet The Jukebox!!!

Today we finally met the star of the show, The Jukebox!

This awesome US Jukebox from the 50s has been lent to us by Auckland Counties Manukau Jukebox Hire. A real beauty that we can't wait to see on stage!!!

Remember you can still buy tickets for the Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show on the Q Website...

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Phone 09-276-1707
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Artists - Balancing Act

As you know, one of the main idea behind the Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show is to share with the audience a wide variety of dance styles. If Pineapple dancers and choreographer have been working their legs off to bring such a diversity to you, we thought it would be even more interesting to ask other artists to share the stage with us. So we have invited different guests for each night!

Meet our first guests, Balancing Act, who will be showing off their popping skills on Wednesday 20th and  Saturday 23rd!

- - - - - - - - - - -

Balancing Act is a dance crew that specialises in a dance style known as popping. The two founders Lawrence and Mike have been dancing since 2009 and have performed in various events from performances in clubs to corporate functions.

The highlights in regards to performances are their experience in the Living room showcase - an annual performing art festival organised by the Auckland Council - as well as the New Zealand Chinese Pageant show where they performed in front of a crowd of a thousand plus.

Balancing Act believes that although it is essential to keep the dance style pure and original, there is nothing more important than entertaining the audience. Therefore, when it comes to performances, Lawrence and Mike always strive to achieve a showcase that is understandable and entertaining to watch for both dancers and non dancers.

Besides performing, both founders are active in teaching as well as entering competitions both local and abroad. They find nothing more rewarding than being able to promote and share the dance through these ways to people who are interested in it.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Balancing Act will be performing in the Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show on Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd February. So don't wait any longer and book your tickets!

Thursday, January 31, 2013